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During the past few decades, we have been involved in one way or another with literally hundreds of thesis and dissertation projects. SEE
At the earliest stage, we assist with design and proposal. An ill-conceived plan can cost the student additional years of frustration and expense. It can even result in the inability to ever graduate, with an "ABD" (All But Dissertation) designation in perpetuity.
In liberal arts and social science programs, it is typically wise to avoid a "quantitative" approach whenever possible. Most of the disasters we've seen over the years have been quantitative scenarios, where difficulties gathering the data or performing the statistical analysis have resulted in substantial expense and delays.
The proposal is like a contract between the student and the committee. If the student fulfills the terms of the proposal, the committee is obliged to approve the study. For this reason, it is wise not to rush through the proposal but rather take the time to make sure it is carefully conceived. It is not pleasant to be stuck with a poorly conceived proposal.
The most frequent scenario we encounter is one in which the student has become stuck or stymied, after having been told by committee members that the work in its current form is unacceptable and not knowing how to salvage the situation. It's like a reel of badly tangled fishing line. It can usually be untangled but a prodigious amount of work is required.
Not infrequently, it is actually one of the committee members who refers the student to us, for professional assistance.
Less common but still frequent is a scenario in which some degree of editing or rewriting is required, short of major overhaul or revision. Because situations can be so different, it's only feasible to quote job fees after reviewing the particular situation. To say that the fee for editing costs "$X per page" would be to put a page that takes one minute to edit in the same category as a page that takes an hour to edit, which of course would not be feasible.
In order to arrive at a fee quotation for the job, we need to review the actual project in question. For projects of more than 50 pages, we may require a good-faith $50 evaluation fee, credited toward any job that is ultimately commissioned.
Be wary of anyone who quotes editing fees for a project without examining the actual material. If the end result is not a well-edited revision, any "savings" from a low-ball quote with no evaluation fee involved will turn out to be a false economy.
Please query by email first, before sending your document file(s), so we can anticipate your delivery and avoid your email getting bounced back to you. Initial consultations involve no cost or obligation (


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