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Interview Training (Admissions, Job, Etc.)

A practice or "mock" interview can go a long way toward preparing an applicant for an interview, whether it be an interview for admissions, employment or something else.
Simply experiencing the interview process, even in a practice setting, can be of substantial psychological benefit. Applicants typically become more calm and confident, after just one session.
Beyond that, we are typically able to anticipate most or at least many of the difficult questions that will emerge during the interview and discuss optimal approaches for responding to such questions.
There is also the aspect of questions that the applicant asks of the interviewer, who will inevitably ask at some point, "Do you have anything you'd like to ask me?" The quality of the questions you raise can be as important as the answers you give to the questions that are asked of you.
In addition to verbal communication, we also cover non-verbal communication (body language, as it is sometimes called). The non-verbal messages you give, as well as the style of your verbal communication, can sometimes be as critical as the content of your verbal communication.
Fees for interview training depend on a variety of factors, including the type of interview for which the training is intended, the duration of the practice and the meeting location.
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