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Most students who approach us for application assistance at the level of graduate and professional (law, medicine, etc.) school do so immediately prior to application. Their grades are established and their test scores are established. It's too late for us to show them how they could get articles published in their names and engage in other "profile-building" activities.
Many come to us because there are aspects of their profile that tend to weaken their application: less-than-stellar grades, mediocre or poor test scores, inadequate personal references, apparent lack of any appropriate extra-curricular involvements to distinguish them from the competition or some combination of the above.
Under these circumstances, the essays required in support of the application become critically important. For some fields and programs, only one essay is required. For others, a number are required. How well these essays are written will often mean the difference between acceptance and rejection.
Many good books have been written about admissions essays, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The main point for our purposes here at this time is that the same applicant presented one way might have very minimal chances of success, while "packaged" another way could have much better chances.
Developing a strong essay or essays takes work, even if we help you with it. Typically, we will need to conduct a sort of interview, during which we ask numerous clarifying questions. The information and clarification we arrive at as a result typically enables us to vastly improve upon an applicant's presentation.
Usually, applicants develop so strong an idea of what they intend to do that they are not receptive to any alternative approaches. For those who are open-minded and far-sighted enough to consider new ideas, we can often help.
There is one strategy, for example, that involves going around the admissions committees, so to speak, making direct contact with one or more members of the faculty capable of "opening doors" that would otherwise remain closed. These are the kinds of creative strategies (all legitimate) that we may suggest at the time of a personal consultation.
As individual needs are so different, it's not feasible to post a "menu" of rates. One application essay, for example, might take only an hour to edit, while another might require several hours of time, involving discussion with the applicant, followed by a rewrite and then yet another rewrite, perhaps.
Email us about your situation and we will respond promptly, with a suggested course of action. The sooner the better, as we do get heavily booked at times.


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