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A happy employee is a productive employee. Employees who get help and answers for key life situations, such as college admissions and college funding, are happy employees. That, in a nutshell, is why it is to your advantage, as a personnel or human resources manager, to arrange for us to conduct a free Parents' College Solutions Workshop for your company's team members.
"Don't all of our employees and their children receive this kind of assistance automatically from their high school guidance counselors?" is a question that sometimes arises. The answer is that guidance counselors are charged with a wide variety of functions, including test administration, student discipline, course selection and more.
With an average national student to counselor ratio of 500-to-1, it would not be possible for these guidance counselors to give students and families all the attention they need, even if they were experts in college admissions and college funding. But they are not experts in these areas. That's why we are needed.
Our concise and information-packed one-hour workshop can be given in a lunchroom context, so employees don't even have to take any time out of their busy schedules to attend a separate evening presentation. And their employer doesn't need to cut productivity, by taking them out of work. Eat, drink and enjoy the PowerPoint!
A Parents' Guide to College Admissions & College Funding: Getting Into the School of Your Choice and Paying for College Without Going Broke. Here's a basic outline of what the presentation includes:
  • How to groom your children for college success, without sacrificing their childhood
  • How high school course selection influences college admissions applications
  • The role of extra-curricular activities in the college application process
  • How to manage high school teacher relations to your best advantage
  • How to obtain stellar references to strengthen a student's college application
  • Secrets for selecting a tentative major, for purposes of the college application
  • College selection strategies that any success-oriented student should know
  • Understanding the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), FAP & SAR
  • How to calculate and understand your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • How to maximize financial assistance from schools and other sources
  • How to negotiate with schools for financial aid (yes, you can negotiate!)
  • Frequent mistakes that students & families make and how to avoid them
The presentation is delivered by's director, Daniel Berman, a Harvard graduate & Ph.D., former college teacher with more than 20 years of  experience in educational consulting and admissions assistance. Your employees will love you for making this valuable information available to them, in a format that is both entertaining and easy-to-digest, along with their lunch!
This program supports diversity objectives, by "leveling the playing field," giving minorities tools they can use to achieve success educationally and socially for their children and succeeding generations.
As we are often scheduled out some time into the future, you you may wish to email us today, to arrange for your free workshop (


Get Into the School
Of Your Choice

An applicant's results can be improved dramatically with expert assistance from a highly experienced admissions coach. It would not be an exaggeration to say that over the years, many near miracles have been performed. As scores of satisfied clients would attest, it's amazing what can be accomplished when expertise and experience are intelligently applied.





Pay for College
Without Going Broke

The typical family approaches college funding in all the wrong ways, making costly mistakes that can needlessly jeopardize the parents' retirement. CollegeSolutionsUSA is unique among coaching services in that it not only helps students gain admission to good schools but also offers families little-known yet highly effective college funding solutions, to then help them pay for college without going broke.




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